Explore Lake Itza by canoe


The second lake in all of Guatemala, Lake Peten Itza (Itza for short) is more than 99 square kilometers (38 square miles) in size. Lake Itza has about 27 different ancient Maya sites on its shores, including Tayascal.

Wildlife abounds at Lake Itza, with more than 100 important species calling it home, including pumas, deer, parrots, crocodiles, giant cichlids (a kind of fish), monkeys, and macaws.

Everyone going to Lake Itza will get their own resealable plastic baggie and a chain with a lock so you’ll never have to worry about your valuables.

Here’s some fun stuff to enjoy in and around Lake Itza:

  • Rope swing – Meet Don Jorge and his lovely family who’ll let you jump into the water from their diving board or use one of the various ropes.
  • El Museo – A cute little postage stamp of a museum on an island filled with interesting and curious ancient Maya objects. There’s even a radio station broadcasting from the island, and you might get lucky and get asked to speak on air.
  • San Miguel – The lookout point is on top of an old Maya ruin and presents a fabulous view of Flores Island.
  • Playa San Miguel – About 45 minutes from the lake, this beach is the perfect place for sunsets and bonfires.
  • Petencito Zoo – Canoe your way down to this little zoo that holds a motley collection of animals, including a jaguar.
  • Arcas – This is an animal rescue center. If you’re lucky, you might get a chance to play with monkeys.
  • Waterslides – Fast and furious fun perfect for a hot day in the sun.

Please remember to bring plenty of sunscreen and skin protection, drinking water, and some spending cash so you can enjoy a great day out at the lake.

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