Mopan Waterfalls

In a country resplendent with beautiful nature, a visit to the Mopan Waterfalls is truly something else. In fact, the Mopan Waterfalls make for a great outdoor picnic experience.Located about an hour’s drive from the hostel, no trip to Guatemala would be complete without visiting the Mopan falls. The distance and remote location are great because it’s way off the normal tourist trail. You can really get to see the authentic Guatemala and have a ton of fun at Mopan.Perhaps the best part of the waterfalls is making spectacular jumps into the water pools at the bottom. Depending on your need for adrenaline, you can choose spots on the rocks, tree branches, or a horizontal palm log that acts like a natural diving board. Or, if you prefer, you can go full Tarzan and use the rope.

Perfect for groups to enjoy a day out in nature, the trip out to Mopan leaves every morning at 8:00 AM. You’ll get about six full hours of fun in the sun, and the van can stop at a supermarket on the way back if you want to stock up on food for grilling out.

For those who want an even more intense Mopan experience, we can arrange for an overnight camp right at the base of the waterfalls. You can also choose to combine a visit to Mopan with transportation onward to Rio Dulce afterwards.

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